Kate Spade Inspired Greek Letters

I took a little in the Spring 2016 semester and I couldn’t have been more excited! During one of our gift-giving occasions I gave her these decorated Greek letters. I’d like to say that they were all original, but I got the idea after browsing Pinterest and seeing this pin (which doesn’t link to anything, so if it’s yours let me know!):


Find this pin here

I made it my own by first, using my sorority’s letters, and then also changing the design just a little bit. The final product was these letters:


My supplies:

  • The wooden 8″ Greek letters, bought from 5:5 Online Boutique
  • White, black, and gold glitter blast spraypaint
  • White, black, and gold paint pens
  • Painters tape


For the Alpha

  1. Spray paint the letter white and wait to dry
  2. Spray a second coat of white and wait to dry
  3. Add gold and black dots with the paint pen


For the Delta:

  1. Spray paint the letter with Krylon glitter blast in gold
  2. Wait for it to dry
  3. Spray a second coat of glitter


For the Chi:

  1. Spray paint the letter white then wait for it to dry
  2. Spray a second white coat and let it dry
  3. Cute painters tape into thin strips and lay on the letter
  4. Spray black spray paint over the letter and wait to dry
  5. Remove tape and correct trouble spots with paint pens

These letters might have been the easiest craft I’ve made for my little… How have you designed your own? Leave pictures in the comments!




Mickey Silhouette Clipboards

My big, Cassidy, was recruitment chair in Fall 2015 and decided to do a Disney theme! As a birthday gift I made her a Mickey Clipboard. My close friend Hannah is the secretary in my sorority, so I made her a Mickey Clipboard for her birthday, using the two colors that remind her of Disney: light blue and gold.

Clipboards 2

The two quotes that I used were:

  • “Dreams can come true, it we have the courage to pursue them.” ~ Walt Disney (Cassidy’s black, red, and silver one)
  • “I only hope that we don’t lose sigh of one thing – that it was all started by a mouse.” ~ Walt Disney (Hannah’s blue, gold, and white one)

My supplies:

  • Clipboard (I ordered this 3 pack from Amazon)
  • Sandpaper
  • Acrylic paints (the black, white, red, and blue)
  • Paint pens (the silver and gold writing)
  • Spray paint (gold glitter and clear)
  • Alphabet stickers
  • Modge Podge
  • Paint brushes
  • Circular objects to trace

How I did it:

1 – First I took the clipboards and sandpaper outside and sanded off the shiny finish. This allows the paint to actually stick and stay on the surface. I wiped them down afterwards in order to get all of the dust off.

2 – Next I applied the base colors. For Cassidy’s it was the black acrylic paint, and for Hannah’s it was the gold spray paint on the back and the white acrylic paint on the front.


3 – Now it was time to trace the Mickey silhouette and fill it in with paint. I used a coat of white paint and then red for Cassidy’s Mickey, and white then light blue for Hannah’s. Painting over the glittery spray paint on Hannah’s was a weird feeling.


4 – Now I applied the alphabet stickers on the back, applied Modge Podge over them, and waited for that to dry. When that was complete I moved on to the front side.


5 – On the front of Hannah’s I took a robin egg blue color and streaked it onto the surface. After that dried I took my gold paint pen and drew the chevron line on the side and the wrote the Walt Disney Quote. On Cassidy’s I wrote her Walt Disney quote and drew the design with a silver paint pen.

Clipboards 3

6 – Finally I took the clipboards outside and sprayed them with a clear spray paint from Krylon in order to seal them, make them smooth, and last longer.

These were the perfect gifts for both girls, and they loved the Disney influence. Has anyone else decorated clipboards for yourself or others? Post pictures in the comments!

Thanks everyone!


Gallery Wall

Just wanted to post something quick as I get ready to hopefully post a whole bunch of crafts in the next few weeks. I moved into my first apartment in August and this is everything that I hung on my gallery wall at first.


A few of these have been the result of previous posts:

  1. Chicago Blackhawks Canvas
  2. Letter B

Since August I have switched out and moved around some things, as well as setting up my grandma’s trunk and a chair below, so I’ll upload another picture soon.

Here’s some tips for your own galley wall:

  1. Grab all the pieces that you want to hang and arrange them on the floor first. This way you can mess around with the arrangement before it’s semi-permanent.
  2. Command products are your friend. All of these pieces except the white frame (which used a small nail) were hung using a variety of their foam squares, clear hooks, and picture hanging strips.
  3. Start from the center and move outwards. I hung the white frame first and then built the gallery off of that to keep everything rather even.

Thanks for reading and hopefully this gave you some inspiration!

Picture Frames turned into Key Holders

Well, it’s been quite a while since my last post. I’ve been really busy in the past few months with finals, then Christmas, then rushing a sorority. I didn’t stop crafting or taking photos, but I didn’t remember or have the time to post my projects as they happened. Anyways, onto the post!

My roommates and I were trying to think of somewhere to put our keys so that we wouldn’t lose them and so that we would be able to tell who was in the suite at any given time. On a trip to WalMart I found all of the pieces needed to make my key holders and then put them together with Swen’s help later that night.

Completed Key Frames

Materials for one key holder:

  1. 5×7 frame that can hang on the wall
  2. Black cardstock or colored paper for the background
  3. Scissors
  4. Clear tape
  5. Stronger tape (like duct tape)
  6. What the key will grab onto (I used wired twine ribbon)

I had pinned similar key holders to my “Make For Dorm/Apartment” board. The ones that I really wanted to make were these by Creative Soul Spectrum:


But Swen and I couldn’t find any plastic elephants at Walmart. So I moved on to other idea inspirations like this one, which doesn’t have a location so if it’s yours let me know! (Link here)


1. I took my frame apart from the back. I had the plastic frame, the back of the frame, and the glass separated from each other. I set the glass aside because it’s not needed for the final result.

2. Next I took the back of the frame and placed it onto my black cardstock then traced the edges. Because I was making 2 of the holders, you can see the outline of one of the backs in pencil and the other back waiting to be traced.


3. After tracing the back of the frame, use your scissors and cut out along the traced lines so that you have a piece of paper the same size as your frame back.

4. Now place the paper over the front of the frame back and tape it down with the clear tape. This worked on my frame because the frame covers the edges of the back so the tape wasn’t visible. We wanted clean and simple for our holders, so we just used black cardstock with a black frame. It’d be really cute to do a patterned scrapbook paper or colored cardstock also.


5. Now take your lace, ribbon, or whatever the keys will hang from, and cut it so that you can fold the edges over the back of the frame on both sides.

6. Now use your stronger tape, in our example University of Alabama licensed duct tape, and tape down the edges that were folded over behind the back of the frame. Keep the material on the front of the frame as tight and strong as possible. With our twine ribbon we needed two rows to fill the frame and they overlap in the middle. That’s the spot where we attach our keys because it’s the strongest.


7. Finally, pop the back into the front piece of the frame and secure.

8. Then hang up your key holder near your door and enjoy!

Completed Key Frames

Because we have 4 people in our suite and as college students we all have lanyards or small wallets attached to our keys, we made 2 of the holders. Swen and I bought our other roommates a hook for their keys while we were at Walmart, they were less than a dollar. The whole project was under $10 and an easy fix to losing our keys. Let me know if you have any questions or if you’ve done something similar in the comments below!


Photo Wall

Because I love photography I knew that I needed a way to display photos in my dorm room. After looking at Pinterest (of course) I saw a bunch of ideas similar to what I ended up doing. It’s really simple to do, versatile, and perfect for a dorm.

Photo Wall


  1. Ribbon (I used a total of 6 yds)
  2. Photos (mine fit 40 4×6 photos… I need to put up more rows and pictures)
  3. Clothes Pins (1 per photo)
  4. Command Hooks (2 per row)
  5. Scissors


Like normal, here are the pins that I looked at from my “College” board before creating my photo wall. Both links were just pictures uploaded by pinners, so I can only link to the pin. If they’re yours, let me know & I’ll link them to you! (Links herehere)

Pin Pin

1) I cut my ribbon to the length I needed. I had two rolls of gray chevron ribbon and each roll had 3 yards. To make the 4 rows of pictures I cut each roll in half, making 4 1.5 yard pieces of ribbon.

2) Tie knots on each end of the 1st ribbon, make sure that they’re secure. Then take the 2 small command hooks and push a hook through each knot.

Knot & Hook

3) Without putting pictures on the ribbon, stick the command hooks to the wall so that the ribbon is a little loose.

4) Continue with the rest of the ribbon pieces, spacing them evenly and trying to line up the command hooks on each side.

5) Now the fun part – grab your pictures and the clothespins and start putting them up!


Here’s an idea of where it is in my room. This was picture was taken as I sat on my bed (you can see my blue comforter).


As you can see, there is room for another row or two of photos, I just have to get them printed and put up more ribbon. My ribbons are completely full – which I think is cool because I love photos – but it would look great with some space in between the pictures too. One of the best things about this way to hang photos is that next year when I live somewhere else I can take all of it with me and just apply new sticky stuff. It won’t remove the paint when I move out in the spring. It also was rather inexpensive. I just had to buy ribbon, clothespins, command hooks, and print the photos. Feel free to comment with your favorite photo on my wall or with how you made your own photo wall.



This past weekend I got to go home for the first time since I started college. Only one of my other friends was also home that weekend so we met for lunch at the mall. I had bought everything to make her graduation present months before graduation but hadn’t made her present or given it to her yet. I made it on Halloween and gave it to her with some shower gel and body spray on Saturday. Right before I started this blog I made my letter, so I only have pictures of the B and not the process. These letters are perfect for door or wall decoration in a dorm because you can make them in whatever colors your decor is.

Door Letters - E & B

My materials:

  1. The wooden letters – these ones are 8 inches tall
  2. Paint
  3. Rhinestone Sheet
  4. Paint brush, cup, paper plate
  5. Sharpie
  6. Scissors
  7. Something to hang it with – I suggest Command squares

Door Letters - Materials

When I first began thinking about decorating my dorm I pinned many things that I could potentially do. I also knew that I wanted to make somewhat matching letters for me and my friend. About a month ago I realized I had exactly what I needed to make my own version of the pin below. I made mine without looking at the blog, but I highly recommend looking at the original post if you don’t want to freehand chevron! (Pin here, original blog post at Gettin’ Crafty: Sorority Style)


To make my B I freehanded chevron onto my letter with pencil. Then I painted 1 coat of the gray paint and 2 with the blue paint which was thinner. While I painting each color I also painted the edges of the letter. When all of the paint had dried I drew Sharpie lines to even out the edges and also to make a guide for the rhinestones. I took a rhinestone sheet – which is like one giant sticker – and using scissors cut a line of rhinestone off of the sheet which I then used to systematically cover the Sharpie lines, cutting off the line at each edge and change in direction with the scissors. After I made sure the rhinestone wouldn’t be coming off I hung my letter on my bedroom door using a Command square behind the top two corners.


When I sat down to make my friend’s letter I realized that doing chevron on it would be much harder and that just straight lines would make it look classier. So this is before I did anything:

Plain E

My first step was to freehand gray lines with paint. I knew that the yellow paint would cover it up but if you’re worried you could draw lines in pencil before painting anything. It only took one thick coat of paint. I also painted the edges where the gray paint was.

Gray Lined E

The next step was to paint the yellow lines. The yellow paint was thinner so I used two coats instead of just one. Because I was free-handing with the paint the lines look really bad in this photo but I evened them out in the next step. Once again I painted the edges where the yellow paint was on top.

Painted E

The third step was to outline each stripe in Sharpie. Not only would this serve as a guide for the rhinestones but it also straightens out the paint edges. If the yellow paint was really far out of line I touched it up quickly with some gray paint. This was only necessary for two spots.

Sharpie E

The final step was to apply the rhinestones. I used the same rhinestone sheet as with my B and there is still some rows leftover. I used the same process as with the B, cutting off a row and working systematically to apply the rhinestones, cutting the remainder of the row off when I reached an edge. The E was much easier to apply rhinestones to because it was all horizontal lines, not diagonal lines in different directions like the B.

Sparkly E

My friend is sending my a picture of her letter when she hangs up. When I get I’ll put it in this post so you can see how it looks on a wall and not on random newspaper. I gave her the letter with the two Command squares and with some other stuff, but she said that the letter was perfect for her gray and yellow dorm room! I like how both of the letters turned out and plan to make more for gifts but I might try something other than rhinestones. If you have any suggestions for more letters or want to show off your own letter creation, comment below!


Halloween Door Decorating

My dorm held a Halloween door decorating contest this week because we have fall break over Halloween weekend. My roommate Swen and I decided to enter and obviously wanted to win.

Halloween Door Decorating Both Doors

Swen and I looked at Pinterest and I pinned the ones I liked to my “College” board. The one we both liked the most was this one, though we never actually looked at the link: (Pin here, link here)


We also wanted to do a monster. I thought we came up with this by ourselves, but Swen later told me that she was basing her idea off of this pin: (Pin here, link here)


We took a trip to Walmart to gather our materials for both doors:

  1. 2.5 yards black fabric
  2. 2 yards orange fabric
  3. “Glow Green” Red Heart yarn
  4. Fake spider web stuff
  5. 2 small hair elastics
  6. Paint chips (Red, Yellow-White, and Orange)
  7. Paint tape & scissors


We started with the door to our storage closet. In our dorm each suite gets a small closet in the dorm hallway, so this door was visible to anyone in the hallway just like our suite door.

Storage Door

We began by taping the black fabric into place on the door. We bought extra black fabric to make the face on our other door, so then it needed to be cut off. Access holes also had to be cut so that the handle was accessible and the door could latch and lock. (The hallway is way too small to get good photos of the process, sorry!)

Halloween Door Decorating - Monster

Next Swen cut the eyes of the monster out of 2 red/crimson paint chips and the teeth and pupils out of quite a few yellow-white paint chips. I put them onto the fabric with more paint tape that was looped.

Paint Chips

Finally we gave our monster-door some hair. Swen and I chose a length that looked right on the door then threw the skein of green yarn back and forth to get many pieces. We cut all of the looped ends and then put two small hair elastics where the corners of the door would be. To hang up the hair I taped the elastics to the corner of the door. Then Swen decided our monster needed bangs, so she figured out a good length, went back and forth with the yarn and cut the pieces, and then we distributed them equally along the hair already there. The bangs are just hanging over the hair.

Monster Door with Hair

On to the pumpkin door! Following the same process as with the monster door, Swen and I taped the orange fabric to our suite door. Using the left over black fabric we cut the two triangles and smile out and taped them to the orange fabric. Don’t forget to cut access holes for everything, including the deadbolt and peephole… otherwise your door won’t lock and you might not know why or you won’t know who just knocked on your door.

Pumpkin Door

Finally, we had a lot of fun with the fake spider web stuff. We didn’t even use all of the webbing we bought but managed to cover a lot of area. If you don’t remember to duck when leaving our suite you get a face full of fake spider webs, yuck! Swen and I’s other roommates carved a Fall Out Boy pumpkin which I displayed on top of left over fabric and surrounded in webs and green string.

Pumpkin DoorComplete Monster Door


In case you were wondering, our suite won the decorating contest! It didn’t hurt to decorate two doors, did it? Comment below with which door is your favorite!

Bri (and Swen)

Brown and Gold French Tip Nails

Here’s my most recent manicure! It was my own take on a pin from Pinterest. Unfortunately, the link that the pin led to was not a family friendly website nor the original posting, so I decided not to post the link to where the picture is from. (If it’s yours, let me know & I’ll put in a link for you)

Brown & Gold French

I had just bought the brown and copper nail polish because they are perfect colors for fall. I went through my Pinterest board “Nailed IT!” and picked this manicure to use my new polishes. The polishes I used are (from left to right):

Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear in #100, Invisible

Sinful Colors in #949, Nirvana

Pure ICE in #1118, Viva Las Vegas


The first thing I did was two coats of the Sinful Colors brown. I really like this color by itself without any others polishes or designs. It’s a perfect neutral for fall!


Next I carefully put the Pure Ice copper on top of the brown to make the classic French manicure design. It was necessary to pretty much dab it on then stroke off of the nail. It’s interesting that once I put the copper polish on the brown it looked like gold. After two coats of the copper I let it dry before using the Sally Hansen Xtreme clear for a top coat. (I think this picture was taken before the top coat, so imagine it a little bit smoother)


This complete manicure is perfect for fall with the earthy tone of brown and the metallic bronze/gold. Never be afraid to use my pictures as the spark for an idea and do your own thing. That’s what I did with this nail design and have done in the past. Contact me with any questions or to share your own take on this nail design. Hope you enjoyed!


Birthday Balloon Avalanche

My first actual post! While this one isn’t about nail art or crafts, I found this picture while looking through my library this morning and decided to post it.

So, here’s a random thing that I did to surprise my dad. He often travels for work, and was coming home the night of his birthday a few years ago, so I decided to make a balloon avalanche to greet him.

Balloon Avalanche

To surprise him I used painters tape to attach two opened garbage bags to the ceiling, wall, and top of the door. Then I blew up some balloons, put them on top or inside of the bags, and taped the bags together so they wouldn’t fall out. The idea was that when my dad opened the door all of the balloons would fall out and onto him while my brother and I yelled, “Happy Birthday!” Yeah, it didn’t go exactly as planned, he opened the door and promptly shut it before trying to go around to the front door. Eventually he walked through this door though, and the balloons fell and it was great!

A few recommendations:

1) Know which way the door opens.

2) Plan time to test the balloon avalanche before the person is close.

3) A bunch of smaller balloons will look better than a few big ones. If I did this over, I’d use smaller balloons.

4) No duct tape! Make sure the tape that you’re using comes off of the wall and door cleanly.

Hope this works for anyone who tries it! Let me know if you have any other recommendations or similar ideas!