Paddle for my Big

As part of my first semester as a sorority sister I had to make a paddle for my big! Her favorite color is blue but she didn’t tell me what kind of blue so I grabbed every blue I had in my paint box and used them all! I found a paddle on Pinterest that I used for inspiration, view it here.

I made this paddle more than 2 years ago, so the details like paint colors and the step by step process escape me. I also wasn’t very good at taking in progress pictures back then so this is what I have:


Here are a few tips when painting paddles:

  1. Michaels sells unfinished wood paddles for $6-$8 (then you can use always use a coupon)
  2. Use painters tape for clean lines, I definitely did not do that here
  3. Use Modge Podge or clear spray paint to seal in glitter, stickers, etc.
  4. Both the front and the back side can be customized
  5. You can always replace the leather string it comes with for a cute ribbon
  6. Pinterest can be a great tool for inspiration but make it your own
  7. Your big/little/sister will appreciate the gesture no matter if you think it’s not perfect
  8. Have fun!

Have you decorated any paddles for someone in your sorority? I’d love to hear your ideas or see some pics, drop them in the comments below.

As always, happy crafting!




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