Merry & Bright Wreath Canvas

Now that Halloween and Thanksgiving are over I needed a new canvas to place on the pantry door where the Trick or Treat Canvas had been. I was very sure that I wanted to use the phrase “Merry and Bright” and the classic Christmas colors of red and green, but wasn’t sure about anything else. A quick search on Pinterest turned up this pin, which was on sale at


After seeing that photo, it occurred to me to make a green wreath surrounding the wording in white and on a red background. Here’s a peak at the final project:


My supplies:

  • 10″ x 10″ square canvas
  • Acrylic paints (White, Kelly Green, Palm Leaf, Flag Red, Black)
  • Foam and paint brushes


My steps:

  1. First I used a foam brush to paint 2 layers of Flag Red with a little bit of Black mixed in to darken it.
  2. After the red was dry I used a paint brush to draw a circle of Palm Leaf green.
  3. Using the same brush and paint I started making the branch clusters. In total I made 16 of them, putting each new one halfway between already existing ones.img_0625
  4. I went back and added a little bit of Kelly Green paint in the middle of each cluster and spread it along the branches so that they had more dimension. I then filled in any gaps between clusters with additional strokes of the palm leaf.img_0626
  5. After the wreath had dried completely I used the white paint and a smaller brush to begin writing “merry and bright.” This took 2 coats of white paint and then some touch ups in a few spots. After the white dried the canvas was complete.


This completed project was perfect for the pantry door and adds some liveliness to the kitchen. I’ve actually made another project using this phrase and will hopefully upload that one soon. Have you made and Christmas canvases? Drop them in the comments below!



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