Square Frames: DC & Russia

After creating the Instagram Big + Little frame for my little I realized just how easy it is to dress up the $1 frames from Michaels. After visiting Washington D.C. in June 2016 for a research conference and going to Russia in July 2016 with my family I decided to paint more of these frames. This time I didn’t have to use Pinterest inspiration, I just had to look up the flag for Washington D.C. and double check the Russian flag.


Flag of Washington D. C.


Russian Flag

My supplies:

  • $1 square frames from Michaels
  • Black and red paint pens
  • Acrylic paint
  • Foam brushes and paint brushes


The Washington D.C. frame:


  1. Paint the entire frame white with a foam brush (at least 3 coats)
  2. Pull up star clipart on Google Images and trace onto a piece of paper
  3. Cut out the star and then trace 3 of them onto the top of the frame with red paint pen, then fill in
  4. Use a ruler and red paint pen to mark the horizontal lines, then fill in
  5. Write “Washington D.C.” with black paint pen

The Russia frame:


  1. Carefully use a foam brush to paint the top portion white. It will need multiple coats.
  2. Use a different foam brush to paint the middle stripe royal blue.
  3. Use a third foam brush to paint the bottom third red.
  4. Write “Russia” with black paint pen

After completing these two projects I bought some more square frames, so be on the lookout for more of them in the future. I like being able to do something simple and small for my vacations. Have you created something to display your travel mementos? Drop a picture in the comments below and happy crafting!



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