Mountain Quote Canvas

During browsing on Pinterest I came across a pin that I knew I wanted to recreate. The picture came from an Etsy Shop named Kaylees Canvas Decor.


The perfect opportunity came when I was thinking about what I should give my little for her birthday. Though once I was done I wanted to keep it for myself.

My Supplies:

  1. 12″ x 12″ square canvas
  2. Acrylic paint
  3. Black paint pen
  4. Foam and paint brushes


My steps

  1. First I created the ombre effect on the canvas using the white paint at top, the key west color in the middle, and the aqua color on the bottom. I started with my foam brush at the top and made my way down.img_0259
  2. I used a paint brush and black paint to make the outline of the mountains before using that and a foam brush to fill them in.
  3. The last piece was to do the wording. I always find this the most difficult step. For the  printed lines I used a paint pen but to get more fluid movement on the script lines I used a thin paint brush.
  4. After waiting for it dry I was done! Wrapped it in some pretty wrapping paper and gave it to my little.


After seeing my finished project I definitely wanted to keep it, especially because my room involves similar shades of blue. My little loved it however, which made the project worth it. Have you done a mountain canvas? Or maybe used this quote on something else? Drop a pic in the comments below!


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