Sorority Canvas

This semester I helped some of my sorority sisters out who were getting littles. I asked for the new littles favorite colors and used those colors in the canvas for them. Once completed I gave the canvases to the new bigs to incorporate in what else they gave to their littles. I received inspiration from this pin (which only led to the pic, so if it’s yours let me know).


My supplies:

  • 8″ x 10″ canvases
  • Acrylic paints
  • Paint pens
  • Foam and paint brushes

Untitled design.png

What I did:

  1. Painted the background color of the canvases, navy for one and yellow for the other.
  2. Traced a circle in the middle using a bowl from my kitchen cabinet, then filled the circle with that color, either white or teal. Both colors needed multiple coats to hide the base color completely.
  3. Added the small dots with paint pen.
  4. Left them alone for a little while so that the middle was completely dry, then wrote the delta in lower case script using paint pen.
  5. Finally wrote alpha and chi in print upper case letters.


Hope this gave some of you a little inspiration! These canvases may become my go to sorority sister gift. Have you done a similar project? Show me below!



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