Give Thanks

Last week it finally began to feel like fall outside and I realized that there was very little fall decor in the apartment. I knew that I wanted to do something that said, “Give Thanks,” and after a Pinterest search I found this free printable from Shanty 2 Chic.


Over a year ago I saw some slanted canvases at Michaels that seemed like an interesting project. A few months ago they were put on clearance, so I gave in and bought 2 of them that were 8″x8″. I knew these would be perfect to paint and place on the side tables because they can stand up.

My supplies:

  • 8×8 slant canvas
  • Brown acrylic paints
  • Black and white paint pens
  • Foam brushes


How I did it:

  1. First step was to make the ombre background. I did this by drizzling the khaki color on the top half and the Territorial Beige color on the bottom half. Then I used a foam brush, started at the top and went down. I didn’t think the difference between the top and bottom was enough, so I drizzled some Nutmeg Brown on the bottom and mixed it in.
  2. After the background dried I used my white paint pen to write the words. I had to go over it a second time after it dried.
  3. Once the wording was complete I used the black paint pen to make 4 loops around the words.
  4. I chose one of the loops to draw the leaves on. I basically just drew a thin heart around the line then filled it in. Waited for it to dry, and it was done!


This was definitely an easy project and I finished it pretty quickly. I’ve also done some Halloween and Christmas projects this week, they’ll be up soon. Hope you find some fun fall inspiration!



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