Instagram Frame: Big & Little

Crafting for a new little can be expensive and very time consuming. I was preparing to take twins in the Spring 2016 semester, so I definitely had to save time and money whenever it was possible. I stumbled across this pin deep in the midst of big little crafts on Pinterest. (The pin led to this Her Campus article, so if the pic is yours, let me know!)


My mind immediately went to the $1 frames at Michaels that are square, just like the one above. I had a few on hand to use for littles, so I decided to turn them into the logo for the Instagram app (the old one).

My supplies:

  • $1 square frame from Michaels
  • Black & silver paint pens
  • Acrylic paint
  • Foam brushes and paint brushes


How I did it:

  1. Painted the tan color over the entire frame twice using the foam brush
  2. Painted the brown over the top also using a foam brush (but leaving the left corner empty for the rainbow stripes)
  3. Carefully used paint brushes for the colored stripes, at least 2 coats for each color
  4. Drew the square lens and filled it in with a black paint pen, then made the silver heart with another pen
  5. Carefully wrote Big + Little at the bottom with black paint pen


When I gave the frame to my little I wrote “Picture Loading” in the middle. After we took pictures at big little reveal I had one printed as a 4″x4″ and gave it to her to put in the frame.


Because I ended up with only one little I got to keep the second frame and then decided to make more of them. In June 2016 I went Washington DC for a research conference and got to sightsee with friends and then my family visited Russia in July 2016.

See those frames here: Square Frames: DC & Russia

Hope you enjoyed this post! Show off your own work below, I’d love to see it!



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