Kate Spade Inspired Greek Letters

I took a little in the Spring 2016 semester and I couldn’t have been more excited! During one of our gift-giving occasions I gave her these decorated Greek letters. I’d like to say that they were all original, but I got the idea after browsing Pinterest and seeing this pin (which doesn’t link to anything, so if it’s yours let me know!):


Find this pin here

I made it my own by first, using my sorority’s letters, and then also changing the design just a little bit. The final product was these letters:


My supplies:

  • The wooden 8″ Greek letters, bought from 5:5 Online Boutique
  • White, black, and gold glitter blast spraypaint
  • White, black, and gold paint pens
  • Painters tape


For the Alpha

  1. Spray paint the letter white and wait to dry
  2. Spray a second coat of white and wait to dry
  3. Add gold and black dots with the paint pen


For the Delta:

  1. Spray paint the letter with Krylon glitter blast in gold
  2. Wait for it to dry
  3. Spray a second coat of glitter


For the Chi:

  1. Spray paint the letter white then wait for it to dry
  2. Spray a second white coat and let it dry
  3. Cute painters tape into thin strips and lay on the letter
  4. Spray black spray paint over the letter and wait to dry
  5. Remove tape and correct trouble spots with paint pens

These letters might have been the easiest craft I’ve made for my little… How have you designed your own? Leave pictures in the comments!