Gallery Wall

Just wanted to post something quick as I get ready to hopefully post a whole bunch of crafts in the next few weeks. I moved into my first apartment in August and this is everything that I hung on my gallery wall at first.


A few of these have been the result of previous posts:

  1. Chicago Blackhawks Canvas
  2. Letter B

Since August I have switched out and moved around some things, as well as setting up my grandma’s trunk and a chair below, so I’ll upload another picture soon.

Here’s some tips for your own galley wall:

  1. Grab all the pieces that you want to hang and arrange them on the floor first. This way you can mess around with the arrangement before it’s semi-permanent.
  2. Command products are your friend. All of these pieces except the white frame (which used a small nail) were hung using a variety of their foam squares, clear hooks, and picture hanging strips.
  3. Start from the center and move outwards. I hung the white frame first and then built the gallery off of that to keep everything rather even.

Thanks for reading and hopefully this gave you some inspiration!


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