Picture Frames turned into Key Holders

Well, it’s been quite a while since my last post. I’ve been really busy in the past few months with finals, then Christmas, then rushing a sorority. I didn’t stop crafting or taking photos, but I didn’t remember or have the time to post my projects as they happened. Anyways, onto the post!

My roommates and I were trying to think of somewhere to put our keys so that we wouldn’t lose them and so that we would be able to tell who was in the suite at any given time. On a trip to WalMart I found all of the pieces needed to make my key holders and then put them together with Swen’s help later that night.

Completed Key Frames

Materials for one key holder:

  1. 5×7 frame that can hang on the wall
  2. Black cardstock or colored paper for the background
  3. Scissors
  4. Clear tape
  5. Stronger tape (like duct tape)
  6. What the key will grab onto (I used wired twine ribbon)

I had pinned similar key holders to my “Make For Dorm/Apartment” board. The ones that I really wanted to make were these by Creative Soul Spectrum:


But Swen and I couldn’t find any plastic elephants at Walmart. So I moved on to other idea inspirations like this one, which doesn’t have a location so if it’s yours let me know! (Link here)


1. I took my frame apart from the back. I had the plastic frame, the back of the frame, and the glass separated from each other. I set the glass aside because it’s not needed for the final result.

2. Next I took the back of the frame and placed it onto my black cardstock then traced the edges. Because I was making 2 of the holders, you can see the outline of one of the backs in pencil and the other back waiting to be traced.


3. After tracing the back of the frame, use your scissors and cut out along the traced lines so that you have a piece of paper the same size as your frame back.

4. Now place the paper over the front of the frame back and tape it down with the clear tape. This worked on my frame because the frame covers the edges of the back so the tape wasn’t visible. We wanted clean and simple for our holders, so we just used black cardstock with a black frame. It’d be really cute to do a patterned scrapbook paper or colored cardstock also.


5. Now take your lace, ribbon, or whatever the keys will hang from, and cut it so that you can fold the edges over the back of the frame on both sides.

6. Now use your stronger tape, in our example University of Alabama licensed duct tape, and tape down the edges that were folded over behind the back of the frame. Keep the material on the front of the frame as tight and strong as possible. With our twine ribbon we needed two rows to fill the frame and they overlap in the middle. That’s the spot where we attach our keys because it’s the strongest.


7. Finally, pop the back into the front piece of the frame and secure.

8. Then hang up your key holder near your door and enjoy!

Completed Key Frames

Because we have 4 people in our suite and as college students we all have lanyards or small wallets attached to our keys, we made 2 of the holders. Swen and I bought our other roommates a hook for their keys while we were at Walmart, they were less than a dollar. The whole project was under $10 and an easy fix to losing our keys. Let me know if you have any questions or if you’ve done something similar in the comments below!



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