Photo Wall

Because I love photography I knew that I needed a way to display photos in my dorm room. After looking at Pinterest (of course) I saw a bunch of ideas similar to what I ended up doing. It’s really simple to do, versatile, and perfect for a dorm.

Photo Wall


  1. Ribbon (I used a total of 6 yds)
  2. Photos (mine fit 40 4×6 photos… I need to put up more rows and pictures)
  3. Clothes Pins (1 per photo)
  4. Command Hooks (2 per row)
  5. Scissors


Like normal, here are the pins that I looked at from my “College” board before creating my photo wall. Both links were just pictures uploaded by pinners, so I can only link to the pin. If they’re yours, let me know & I’ll link them to you! (Links herehere)

Pin Pin

1) I cut my ribbon to the length I needed. I had two rolls of gray chevron ribbon and each roll had 3 yards. To make the 4 rows of pictures I cut each roll in half, making 4 1.5 yard pieces of ribbon.

2) Tie knots on each end of the 1st ribbon, make sure that they’re secure. Then take the 2 small command hooks and push a hook through each knot.

Knot & Hook

3) Without putting pictures on the ribbon, stick the command hooks to the wall so that the ribbon is a little loose.

4) Continue with the rest of the ribbon pieces, spacing them evenly and trying to line up the command hooks on each side.

5) Now the fun part – grab your pictures and the clothespins and start putting them up!


Here’s an idea of where it is in my room. This was picture was taken as I sat on my bed (you can see my blue comforter).


As you can see, there is room for another row or two of photos, I just have to get them printed and put up more ribbon. My ribbons are completely full – which I think is cool because I love photos – but it would look great with some space in between the pictures too. One of the best things about this way to hang photos is that next year when I live somewhere else I can take all of it with me and just apply new sticky stuff. It won’t remove the paint when I move out in the spring. It also was rather inexpensive. I just had to buy ribbon, clothespins, command hooks, and print the photos. Feel free to comment with your favorite photo on my wall or with how you made your own photo wall.



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