Halloween Door Decorating

My dorm held a Halloween door decorating contest this week because we have fall break over Halloween weekend. My roommate Swen and I decided to enter and obviously wanted to win.

Halloween Door Decorating Both Doors

Swen and I looked at Pinterest and I pinned the ones I liked to my “College” board. The one we both liked the most was this one, though we never actually looked at the link: (Pin here, link¬†here)


We also wanted to do a monster. I thought we came up with this by ourselves, but Swen later told me that she was basing her idea off of this pin: (Pin here, link here)


We took a trip to Walmart to gather our materials for both doors:

  1. 2.5 yards black fabric
  2. 2 yards orange fabric
  3. “Glow Green” Red Heart yarn
  4. Fake spider web stuff
  5. 2 small hair elastics
  6. Paint chips (Red, Yellow-White, and Orange)
  7. Paint tape & scissors


We started with the door to our storage closet. In our dorm each suite gets a small closet in the dorm hallway, so this door was visible to anyone in the hallway just like our suite door.

Storage Door

We began by taping the black fabric into place on the door. We bought extra black fabric to make the face on our other door, so then it needed to be cut off. Access holes also had to be cut so that the handle was accessible and the door could latch and lock. (The hallway is way too small to get good photos of the process, sorry!)

Halloween Door Decorating - Monster

Next Swen cut the eyes of the monster out of 2 red/crimson paint chips and the teeth and pupils out of quite a few yellow-white paint chips. I put them onto the fabric with more paint tape that was looped.

Paint Chips

Finally we gave our monster-door some hair. Swen and I chose a length that looked right on the door then threw the skein of green yarn back and forth to get many pieces. We cut all of the looped ends and then put two small hair elastics where the corners of the door would be. To hang up the hair I taped the elastics to the corner of the door. Then Swen decided our monster needed bangs, so she figured out a good length, went back and forth with the yarn and cut the pieces, and then we distributed them equally along the hair already there. The bangs are just hanging over the hair.

Monster Door with Hair

On to the pumpkin door! Following the same process as with the monster door, Swen and I taped the orange fabric to our suite door. Using the left over black fabric we cut the two triangles and smile out and taped them to the orange fabric. Don’t forget to cut access holes for everything, including the deadbolt and peephole… otherwise your door won’t lock and you might not know why or you won’t know who just knocked on your door.

Pumpkin Door

Finally, we had a lot of fun with the fake spider web stuff. We didn’t even use all of the webbing we bought but managed to cover a lot of area. If you don’t remember to duck when leaving our suite you get a face full of fake spider webs, yuck! Swen and I’s other roommates carved a Fall Out Boy pumpkin which I displayed on top of left over fabric and surrounded in webs and green string.

Pumpkin DoorComplete Monster Door


In case you were wondering, our suite won the decorating contest! It didn’t hurt to decorate two doors, did it? Comment below with which door is your favorite!

Bri (and Swen)


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