Brown and Gold French Tip Nails

Here’s my most recent manicure! It was my own take on a pin from Pinterest. Unfortunately, the link that the pin led to was not a family friendly website nor the original posting, so I decided not to post the link to where the picture is from. (If it’s yours, let me know & I’ll put in a link for you)

Brown & Gold French

I had just bought the brown and copper nail polish because they are perfect colors for fall. I went through my Pinterest board “Nailed IT!” and picked this manicure to use my new polishes. The polishes I used are (from left to right):

Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear in #100, Invisible

Sinful Colors in #949, Nirvana

Pure ICE in #1118, Viva Las Vegas


The first thing I did was two coats of the Sinful Colors brown. I really like this color by itself without any others polishes or designs. It’s a perfect neutral for fall!


Next I carefully put the Pure Ice copper on top of the brown to make the classic French manicure design. It was necessary to pretty much dab it on then stroke off of the nail. It’s interesting that once I put the copper polish on the brown it looked like gold. After two coats of the copper I let it dry before using the Sally Hansen Xtreme clear for a top coat. (I think this picture was taken before the top coat, so imagine it a little bit smoother)


This complete manicure is perfect for fall with the earthy tone of brown and the metallic bronze/gold. Never be afraid to use my pictures as the spark for an idea and do your own thing. That’s what I did with this nail design and have done in the past. Contact me with any questions or to share your own take on this nail design. Hope you enjoyed!



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