Birthday Balloon Avalanche

My first actual post! While this one isn’t about nail art or crafts, I found this picture while looking through my library this morning and decided to post it.

So, here’s a random thing that I did to surprise my dad. He often travels for work, and was coming home the night of his birthday a few years ago, so I decided to make a balloon avalanche to greet him.

Balloon Avalanche

To surprise him I used painters tape to attach two opened garbage bags to the ceiling, wall, and top of the door. Then I blew up some balloons, put them on top or inside of the bags, and taped the bags together so they wouldn’t fall out. The idea was that when my dad opened the door all of the balloons would fall out and onto him while my brother and I yelled, “Happy Birthday!” Yeah, it didn’t go exactly as planned, he opened the door and promptly shut it before trying to go around to the front door. Eventually he walked through this door though, and the balloons fell and it was great!

A few recommendations:

1) Know which way the door opens.

2) Plan time to test the balloon avalanche before the person is close.

3) A bunch of smaller balloons will look better than a few big ones. If I did this over, I’d use smaller balloons.

4) No duct tape! Make sure the tape that you’re using comes off of the wall and door cleanly.

Hope this works for anyone who tries it! Let me know if you have any other recommendations or similar ideas!



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