Paddle for my Big

As part of my first semester as a sorority sister I had to make a paddle for my big! Her favorite color is blue but she didn’t tell me what kind of blue so I grabbed every blue I had in my paint box and used them all! I found a paddle on Pinterest that I used for inspiration, view it here.

I made this paddle more than 2 years ago, so the details like paint colors and the step by step process escape me. I also wasn’t very good at taking in progress pictures back then so this is what I have:


Here are a few tips when painting paddles:

  1. Michaels sells unfinished wood paddles for $6-$8 (then you can use always use a coupon)
  2. Use painters tape for clean lines, I definitely did not do that here
  3. Use Modge Podge or clear spray paint to seal in glitter, stickers, etc.
  4. Both the front and the back side can be customized
  5. You can always replace the leather string it comes with for a cute ribbon
  6. Pinterest can be a great tool for inspiration but make it your own
  7. Your big/little/sister will appreciate the gesture no matter if you think it’s not perfect
  8. Have fun!

Have you decorated any paddles for someone in your sorority? I’d love to hear your ideas or see some pics, drop them in the comments below.

As always, happy crafting!



Lettered Mason Jars

In 2016 I had the opportunity to be my sorority’s recruitment chair. It was a big responsibility: communicating with interested girls, planning the recruitment week events, sticking to a budget, and lots and lots of crafting. Some parts were more enjoyable than others and this is a quick project that I did to have something cute for table decor. Adding Greek letters and flowers to these mason jars didn’t take long to do.

My supplies:

  • 3 mason jars
  • Black spray paint
  • Gold paint pen
  • Fake flowers to place inside

The steps:

  1. I took the mason jars outside, set them inside a cardboard box, and spray painted them. I used black matte spray paint that is sold at Walmart for $1.
  2. After the first coat dried I sprayed the trouble spots a second time and left them to dry overnight.
  3. The next day I took the jars and the gold paint pen and drew our Greek letters. I didn’t map them out, so they’re definitely not perfect. I used a CraftSmart brand paint pen from Michaels.


  1. The final step was to place the flowers inside. I bought these at Michaels also, there’s only one stem in each jar.


This quick project added a lot of charm and decor to our tables for the year that I was recruitment chair and have continued to be used since. Of course this project doesn’t have to use Greek letters, but could also spell out words like a last name, month, or season. Have you done something similar? Drop a picture in the comments below!

As always, happy crafting!


Mason Jar Mugs

I’m about to show y’all how a little bit of money and a little bit of paint can go a long way during big little week. As part of big-little gift week I wanted to also make something for my big who was becoming a grandbig. While I was at Ross one day I came across a four set of these mason jar mugs by Home Essentials.


I decided to decorate one for each of my littles and the new grandbig.

My supplies:

  • Black enamel paint
  • Gold enamel paint
  • Paint brushes

This was a very easy project. I used paint brushes to write “Little” or “Gbig” and then their first initial in black enamel paint. After that I used the gold enamel paint to make dots all over the mug. After waiting about 20 minutes for the paint to dry I baked the glassware (not the lids) following the instructions on the paint bottles.



After they were allowed to cool down I included these mugs in the first day of gifts for my littles and filled them with their favorite candy. The possibilities of using enamel paint and glassware are endless. Have you ever used enamel paint? Drop a picture in the comments below!



Merry & Bright Wreath Canvas

Now that Halloween and Thanksgiving are over I needed a new canvas to place on the pantry door where the Trick or Treat Canvas had been. I was very sure that I wanted to use the phrase “Merry and Bright” and the classic Christmas colors of red and green, but wasn’t sure about anything else. A quick search on Pinterest turned up this pin, which was on sale at


After seeing that photo, it occurred to me to make a green wreath surrounding the wording in white and on a red background. Here’s a peak at the final project:


My supplies:

  • 10″ x 10″ square canvas
  • Acrylic paints (White, Kelly Green, Palm Leaf, Flag Red, Black)
  • Foam and paint brushes


My steps:

  1. First I used a foam brush to paint 2 layers of Flag Red with a little bit of Black mixed in to darken it.
  2. After the red was dry I used a paint brush to draw a circle of Palm Leaf green.
  3. Using the same brush and paint I started making the branch clusters. In total I made 16 of them, putting each new one halfway between already existing ones.img_0625
  4. I went back and added a little bit of Kelly Green paint in the middle of each cluster and spread it along the branches so that they had more dimension. I then filled in any gaps between clusters with additional strokes of the palm leaf.img_0626
  5. After the wreath had dried completely I used the white paint and a smaller brush to begin writing “merry and bright.” This took 2 coats of white paint and then some touch ups in a few spots. After the white dried the canvas was complete.


This completed project was perfect for the pantry door and adds some liveliness to the kitchen. I’ve actually made another project using this phrase and will hopefully upload that one soon. Have you made and Christmas canvases? Drop them in the comments below!


Square Frames: DC & Russia

After creating the Instagram Big + Little frame for my little I realized just how easy it is to dress up the $1 frames from Michaels. After visiting Washington D.C. in June 2016 for a research conference and going to Russia in July 2016 with my family I decided to paint more of these frames. This time I didn’t have to use Pinterest inspiration, I just had to look up the flag for Washington D.C. and double check the Russian flag.


Flag of Washington D. C.


Russian Flag

My supplies:

  • $1 square frames from Michaels
  • Black and red paint pens
  • Acrylic paint
  • Foam brushes and paint brushes


The Washington D.C. frame:


  1. Paint the entire frame white with a foam brush (at least 3 coats)
  2. Pull up star clipart on Google Images and trace onto a piece of paper
  3. Cut out the star and then trace 3 of them onto the top of the frame with red paint pen, then fill in
  4. Use a ruler and red paint pen to mark the horizontal lines, then fill in
  5. Write “Washington D.C.” with black paint pen

The Russia frame:


  1. Carefully use a foam brush to paint the top portion white. It will need multiple coats.
  2. Use a different foam brush to paint the middle stripe royal blue.
  3. Use a third foam brush to paint the bottom third red.
  4. Write “Russia” with black paint pen

After completing these two projects I bought some more square frames, so be on the lookout for more of them in the future. I like being able to do something simple and small for my vacations. Have you created something to display your travel mementos? Drop a picture in the comments below and happy crafting!


Mountain Quote Canvas

During browsing on Pinterest I came across a pin that I knew I wanted to recreate. The picture came from an Etsy Shop named Kaylees Canvas Decor.


The perfect opportunity came when I was thinking about what I should give my little for her birthday. Though once I was done I wanted to keep it for myself.

My Supplies:

  1. 12″ x 12″ square canvas
  2. Acrylic paint
  3. Black paint pen
  4. Foam and paint brushes


My steps

  1. First I created the ombre effect on the canvas using the white paint at top, the key west color in the middle, and the aqua color on the bottom. I started with my foam brush at the top and made my way down.img_0259
  2. I used a paint brush and black paint to make the outline of the mountains before using that and a foam brush to fill them in.
  3. The last piece was to do the wording. I always find this the most difficult step. For the  printed lines I used a paint pen but to get more fluid movement on the script lines I used a thin paint brush.
  4. After waiting for it dry I was done! Wrapped it in some pretty wrapping paper and gave it to my little.


After seeing my finished project I definitely wanted to keep it, especially because my room involves similar shades of blue. My little loved it however, which made the project worth it. Have you done a mountain canvas? Or maybe used this quote on something else? Drop a pic in the comments below!

Sorority Canvas

This semester I helped some of my sorority sisters out who were getting littles. I asked for the new littles favorite colors and used those colors in the canvas for them. Once completed I gave the canvases to the new bigs to incorporate in what else they gave to their littles. I received inspiration from this pin (which only led to the pic, so if it’s yours let me know).


My supplies:

  • 8″ x 10″ canvases
  • Acrylic paints
  • Paint pens
  • Foam and paint brushes

Untitled design.png

What I did:

  1. Painted the background color of the canvases, navy for one and yellow for the other.
  2. Traced a circle in the middle using a bowl from my kitchen cabinet, then filled the circle with that color, either white or teal. Both colors needed multiple coats to hide the base color completely.
  3. Added the small dots with paint pen.
  4. Left them alone for a little while so that the middle was completely dry, then wrote the delta in lower case script using paint pen.
  5. Finally wrote alpha and chi in print upper case letters.


Hope this gave some of you a little inspiration! These canvases may become my go to sorority sister gift. Have you done a similar project? Show me below!


Trick or Treat Yo’ Self

It’s halfway through October and that means fall is in full swing and Halloween is quickly approaching. I visited Michael’s and found some cute Halloween crafting surfaces. I chose to purchase a little wooden candy corn piece to put onto a canvas. Then after searching Pinterest for a cute Halloween saying I settled on “trick or treat yo’ self.”


My supplies:

  • 8″x10″ canvas
  • Acrylic paints
  • Paint brush and foam brush
  • Candy corn piece from Michaels
  • Hot glue gun and hot glue sticks


What I did:

  • Using a foam brush cover the entire canvas in purple paint. I used three coats.
  • Use a paint brush and gold paint to paint the words. I had to go over the words multiple times because of my thin brush and paint.
  • When all of this was dry use the hot glue gun to spread glue on the back of the candy corn and place it on the canvas. Ta da!


This was a quick project that is brightening up the apartment kitchen. All in I spent under $3, because I already had the paint and brushes. I also think that the bright purple color worked great for Halloween. Have you made some Halloween projects? Post pics in the comments below!


Give Thanks

Last week it finally began to feel like fall outside and I realized that there was very little fall decor in the apartment. I knew that I wanted to do something that said, “Give Thanks,” and after a Pinterest search I found this free printable from Shanty 2 Chic.


Over a year ago I saw some slanted canvases at Michaels that seemed like an interesting project. A few months ago they were put on clearance, so I gave in and bought 2 of them that were 8″x8″. I knew these would be perfect to paint and place on the side tables because they can stand up.

My supplies:

  • 8×8 slant canvas
  • Brown acrylic paints
  • Black and white paint pens
  • Foam brushes


How I did it:

  1. First step was to make the ombre background. I did this by drizzling the khaki color on the top half and the Territorial Beige color on the bottom half. Then I used a foam brush, started at the top and went down. I didn’t think the difference between the top and bottom was enough, so I drizzled some Nutmeg Brown on the bottom and mixed it in.
  2. After the background dried I used my white paint pen to write the words. I had to go over it a second time after it dried.
  3. Once the wording was complete I used the black paint pen to make 4 loops around the words.
  4. I chose one of the loops to draw the leaves on. I basically just drew a thin heart around the line then filled it in. Waited for it to dry, and it was done!


This was definitely an easy project and I finished it pretty quickly. I’ve also done some Halloween and Christmas projects this week, they’ll be up soon. Hope you find some fun fall inspiration!


Instagram Frame: Big & Little

Crafting for a new little can be expensive and very time consuming. I was preparing to take twins in the Spring 2016 semester, so I definitely had to save time and money whenever it was possible. I stumbled across this pin deep in the midst of big little crafts on Pinterest. (The pin led to this Her Campus article, so if the pic is yours, let me know!)


My mind immediately went to the $1 frames at Michaels that are square, just like the one above. I had a few on hand to use for littles, so I decided to turn them into the logo for the Instagram app (the old one).

My supplies:

  • $1 square frame from Michaels
  • Black & silver paint pens
  • Acrylic paint
  • Foam brushes and paint brushes


How I did it:

  1. Painted the tan color over the entire frame twice using the foam brush
  2. Painted the brown over the top also using a foam brush (but leaving the left corner empty for the rainbow stripes)
  3. Carefully used paint brushes for the colored stripes, at least 2 coats for each color
  4. Drew the square lens and filled it in with a black paint pen, then made the silver heart with another pen
  5. Carefully wrote Big + Little at the bottom with black paint pen


When I gave the frame to my little I wrote “Picture Loading” in the middle. After we took pictures at big little reveal I had one printed as a 4″x4″ and gave it to her to put in the frame.


Because I ended up with only one little I got to keep the second frame and then decided to make more of them. In June 2016 I went Washington DC for a research conference and got to sightsee with friends and then my family visited Russia in July 2016.

See those frames here: Square Frames: DC & Russia

Hope you enjoyed this post! Show off your own work below, I’d love to see it!